Professional conferences, show-cooking, product presentations, private events.

Professional conferences and working breakfasts

Directed to professionals of different sectors these events create a meeting point for managers executives of different companies or institutions working all of them in the same sector.

Gestión Press manages the call, suggests guests and puts into practice all the details of the event.

These events can be private or associated with a media guaranteeing the coverage news where the participator’s opinions are shown.

The principal debate lines that we have been working for with punctual conferences or thematic series are:

- Financial meetings: Business management, stock-market issues, insurances, outsourcing, regulations, pension plans, private investments, etc. For clients like Accenture, Banco Madrid, Morgan Stanley, KPMG, Caser, Criteria CaixaCorp, UOC, Asedas, Deutsche Bank, Llorente y Cuenca, Kessler&Casadevall, PROFIM Asesores Patrimoniales, Morningstar, Mapfre, Moneda Única...

- Social Economy: Cepes.

- Motor observatory: Dekra, ALD Automotive, NAVTEQ

- Human Resources: Adecco, Agett, Meta 4, Accenture

- Tecnology: HP, Satec,, T-Systems, Alcatel-Lucent, Unitronics

- Private events: Oracle, HP - Veterinary: Centro Medico Veterinario, Toshiba, Pficer.

- Mujeres para nuevos tiempos: An independent and global initiative, made up of a team of communication and business leaders trying to contribute with an alternative response of future to the actual crisis of the economical and social model lost in an inevitable dynamic change.

- Diálogos de Internacionalización: this is an innovate project which is looking forward to consolidate and spread the export culture and the overseas implementation into the companies, institutions, media and society in general. This project has the institutional support of ICEX, Cámaras de comercio, CEOE, Club de Exportadores, Foro de Marcas Renombradas e IMEX.