With institutional representatives from government and regulatory organizations, political leaders and corporate representatives. The elEconomista Agora, Foro Cinco Días, press conferences, round tables, etc.

Oriented to high managers of Companies and Institutions, these protocolized meetings, have an important front line speaker in political, business or economical area. Ministers, State Secretaries, presidents of autonomous communities, associations presidents (AEB, ATA), Management representatives (CEOE), Political representatives from the most important political parties (Partido Popular, PSOE, CIU, Ciudadanos…) presidents from the regulatory organizations (CNMV, CNE, CMT) and other kinds of institutions (CEPYME, etc) have participated as speakers in these events. These events are linked to an important press campaign in paper and digital formats covering huge and relevant in media especially in the related newspaper.

Cinco Días Forum

In 2004 Gestión Press started with “Cinco Días Forum”, sponsored by Accenture and Banco Madrid. We completely organized more than 30 conferences with first level speakers until 2008. During 2008 in the 30th newspaper anniversary, Gestión Peess organized 11 forums, all of them sponsored by Banco Santander, with the presidents of different Autonomous Comunities .

Ágora elEconomista

In 2009 we started in collaboration with elEconomista newspaper the “Ágora elEconomista”, a season of conferences oriented to high-level managers. Sponsored by EY, Ferrovial or Promarca among others we have had the intervention of the principal government representatives and also of the principal institutions and companies in Spain.